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Ancient Jianhu Lake, the most beautiful river course in Shaoxing City

Release time:2020-10-27 

  "Since May Day, the water in Jianhu Lake has become turbid again. According to their judgment, it was caused by the illegal discharge of construction mud," the aunts who washed things at the riverside told reporters one after another

  The reporter then called Chen Baofa, the leader of the private environmental protection organization "Jianhu detachment" and "the most beautiful river protector in Shaoxing City". He confirmed that the situation reflected by the residents was true.

  In recent days, he has also racked his brains and complained to a number of administrative law enforcement departments.

  On the evening of May 4, together with the team members, a "illegal construction mud ship" with an approved carrying capacity of more than 50 tons was also captured. (reporter's note: at present, the relevant departments are still under further investigation.).

  The reporter communicated with the relevant leaders of the municipal port and shipping administration on the situation reflected by the residents.

  "We did receive a complaint call from Lao Chen and communicated with each other face to face. At ordinary times, in addition to patrolling the waters of Jianhu's Yuecheng section according to regulations, we have greatly increased the patrol density. A port and shipping official continued to introduce.

  "Seeing the already clear water of Jianhu Lake, it became turbid again, and I felt very, very heavy pressure. Where is the root of the problem? We will conduct in-depth investigation and study with relevant departments. "

  Under the guidance of the residents, the reporter went to the Bank of Jianhu Lake. According to the observation, he found a phenomenon different from that when the pollution was serious from August to September last year - a large number of stinky mussels and a certain number of dead fish were floating on the Bank of Jianhu Lake.

  Resident Zhou Jieshi said: "a large number of mussels died, which must be related to the pollution of the lake water. Even if someone intentionally dumps the dead mussels in other places into the lake, the floating water area can not be so extensive; these dead fish and turtles are not necessarily caused by the pollution of the lake water. Some of them are abandoned by fishermen after they have been buried in the cage for too long; some of them are electrocuted by electric traps, and some of them are released. "

  The residents on the scene agreed that the best way is to ask the authorities to test the lake water. What is the reason for the repeated pollution of Gujian lake.